Desi Cow Ghee (A2)

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  • Boosts Immunity- Pure desi ghee contains antioxidants that help the body better absorb vitamins and minerals. Along with this, Butyric acid in ghee also strengthens immunity by increasing T cell production which fights against allergens in the gut.
  • Good Heart Health– Omega 3 fatty acids reduce fat cells, triglycerides (harmful in excess), and inflammation in the body. All these features together promote heart health. Our ghee contains these acids in abundance and hence make your heart a happy one!
  • Burns Body Fat – Grass-fed cow ghee, contains a high amount of CLA which speeds up fat burning. It makes the body spend energy faster, thus helping it burn fat faster.
  • Strong Bones – Vitamin K2 helps in the deposition of calcium in the required places of the skeletal system. It also reduces the risk of degenerative diseases by preventing the calcification of soft tissues.
  • Muscle Growth – Vitamins A supports protein synthesis and glycogen production, which aid muscle growth. Vitamin B, being an antioxidant, blocks the effects of free radicals that hamper muscle growth

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