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Who We Are.

www.greengateway.in, an online natural grocery store, committed to provide high quality natural food products to the people. We work to bring the goodness of nature to the common man living in the city by bridging the gap between him and the farmer. We always test the products ourselves before offering them. We team-up with well-known suppliers and manufacturers so you can have peace of mind that what you are getting is the natural food products.


Customer Review

We strongly believe that the number of customers will rise gradually, when the customers are satisfied with their experience with us and our products. We have committed to provide high quality products in a best competitive price, to bring value to the customers.


"Thanks for making the Sesame oil that’s totally pure and tastes great too!”


"I am so happy I discovered you guys! Just bought millet cookies and some millet snacks. Really awesome”


"Fantastic snacks! All the Indian snacks are delicious!”